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Delightful Enhancements: February 18, 2021


Video Interview Integration for Self-Schedule

Video links for Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are now available for request in the Self-Schedule interview flow. This feature complements the Video links for Manual Interview schedule covered in the January 2021 Release Notes.

Users will select Teams or Meet (depending on their integration) from the Where dropdown below Video Interview. The “Enter a Location” field will be grayed out to reserve space for the generated link. The Other Video option can always be used to manually include a video link from another service. 
Video Interview where field dropdown

The key difference between manual video interview and self-schedule interview flows is the asynchronous nature of self-schedule. The user shares availability but the candidate ultimately decides which time slot to select for the interview event. As such, the video link is not created or shared until the candidate has specified their interview time. 

If any link generation errors arise when a candidate selects a time, the user will receive an email notifying them that a link must be manually added and that it should also be sent to the candidate. An example of the email is shown below. 

Video link generation error email

Enhancements to Offer Clause Management settings

Admins now have the ability to: 

  • change the name, description or label for triggering questions within a clause.

  • delete a nested clause associated with an uploaded file.

  • search and sort on the clause list and copy code snippets to the clipboard.