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Delightful Enhancements: February 11, 2021


Manual Task Permission Updates

When manually creating tasks, users have previously been able to assign tasks to users who do not have access to the candidate.  This results in the assignee receiving an error task as shown below.

A new validation has been added so when users manually create tasks, you will only be able to find candidates or jobs that the user (creating the task) and the selected assignee have access to in the dropdown.  For example, in the screenshot below, in order for Karina’s application to show up in the dropdown list:

  • both the task creator and Roy will need to have access to Karina’s profile, and

  • Roy will also need to have the necessary permissions to complete the task (interview scheduling in the case)

This is to ensure that users are not creating tasks on candidates that other team members do not have access to complete.  


In the case where assignees lose access to a candidate after a task is assigned, the error message is also updated so users are given more information for them to follow up with the necessary team members.

For manually created task, the error message will prompt the user to follow up with the task creator.  For system created tasks, the error message will prompt the user to follow up with the administrator.

Improvement on LinkedIn job posting integration

Additional Information' section on your job ads will now be exposed to your LinkedIn job postings. 

Webhook: Job/Offer Approval and Rejection event

Additional job approval approved/rejected and offer approval approved/rejected event on webhook

Individual approval endpoint: GET /approvals/{approvalId}

We have a new endpoint on Approval API to retrieve the job/offer approval for individuals by approval ID with a status of pending, approved, rejected, abandoned.

Australian location format in the Job Widget

Australian locations are now displayed in City, State format in the job widget instead of the previous City, Country format.