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Delightful Enhancements Release Log


We are excited to roll out delightful enhancements in-between our major quarterly releases to continuously deliver innovation to our users. This page will keep a running list of delightful enhancements. Check back frequently for new additions!

Recent Delights

The following delightful enhancements were released on Thursday, August 6, 2020

Report Builder data fields for Referrers, Approval creators and Rejection/Withdrawal reasons

Additional data fields are now available in Report Builder to allow users to report on the following: 

  • Job and Offer approval creators 

  • Data deletion reasons 

  • Source: Referrer name and email

Remove Webhook Subscription with 410 Status

The 410 status is often returned to SmartRecruiters by third party applications when they have stopped using and removed SmartRecruiters webhook from their systems. 

We will now handle the 410 status by removing the respective third party service’s webhook subscription on our end to keep things clean and tidy.



Historical delight releases

A historical log of Delightful Enhancements will be included here.