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Delightful Enhancements Release Log


We are excited to roll out delightful enhancements in-between our major quarterly releases to continuously deliver innovation to our users. This page will keep a running list of delightful enhancements. Check back frequently for new additions!

Recent Delights

The following delightful enhancements were released on Thursday, December 2, 2021

Employee Portal: Find Internal Jobs Faster

To make the internal employee experience as seamless as an external candidate, this release makes it easier to identify & search for internal roles. These usability changes for employees aim to drive more internal applications when internal job-ads are present, thereby influencing internal mobility, hiring velocity and retention. 

Employee Portal: Internal Job Label

All Internal Roles will be labeled Internal, making it simple to visually identify what is an internal job when sifting through job-ads. The label says ‘Internal’ in blue. 


Employee Portal: Internal Job Switch

At the top of the jobs list, all employees can now flip a switch to show ‘Internal Jobs Only,’ which focuses you on internal roles only. This switch resets defaults to OFF each visit and is not saved across visits.



SmartPal: Improved written recognition for long list screening question options

When candidates are completing a job application in SmartPal and are presented with a long list screening question (like country or nationality) they have the option to type an answer instead of choosing to click a suggestion button.

SmartPal will now take the following steps when validating that written input:

  • Existing Functionality - If the input matches an option, that option will be accepted and the next screening question presented.

  • Existing Functionality - If the input is unlike any value in the list or is similar to more than 1 option, they will be prompted to type it again (or use the suggestion buttons provided)

  • New Functionality - If the input was close enough to an option in the list they will be prompted with a "Did you mean [closest match]?" message which they can confirm, if correct, or retry answering the question again if not.


Historical delight releases

A historical log of Delightful Enhancements will be included here.