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This is an administrative role - explained


There are some administrative features available to the Admin role (mostly related to jobs and candidate profiles), which are not controlled via Settings/Admin. When the Delegated Administrator feature was built, it was important that selected Delegated Admin users should have access to these features. They are listed below and are all controlled by this toggle on the Company Settings page:


This is the full list: 

  • Delete Job
  • Delete Candidate
  • Access profile deletion requested filter (per Global Compliance setting)
  • Access the Hiring Success Dashboard (per ANALYTICS dropdown) 
  • Manage seat assignments (User Management)
  • Skip Approver
  • Delegate Approval (new feature)
  • Access the full candidate profile even if New Hire Data Masking is switched ON
  • Access Net Hiring Score Settings (via Hiring Success Dashboard)
  • Access all publisher notes

Note that job templates are not currently controlled by System Roles and cannot be assigned to Delegated Administrator custom roles.