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Email Templates

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


SmartRecruiters' Email Templates can be used by your hiring teams to quickly respond to candidates, extend offers, and send rejections, and invite them for interviews.



Admins can create email templates for the hiring team to use when messaging candidates. The templates are branded with your company's name (or brand name, if you have multiple brands). 

There a four types of templates, and  each is accessible from a specific tab on the candidate's profile, according to the template's purpose:

  • Generic templates are available on the Emails tab.
  • Offer templates are available on the Offer tab.
  • Interview templates are available on the Interview tab.
  • Rejection templates are available on the Interview tab.


Templates inherit the permissions of their tabs, so only the users who can access a specific tab can use the templates for that tab, and see candidate responses to the template. For example, only users who can extend an offer from the Offer tab can send Offer templates, and see the candidates' responses (and attachments in responses.) 



  • Can I add my logo to an email template?

    Yes! All of our email editors allow you to enter rich text, URLs, and inline images. 

  • Can I set up email templates for different languages?

    Email templates cannot be set up based solely on the language of a job ad. However, you can set up email templates for a specific region, country, or other Org field which might dictate the job's language, and write the template in the appropriate language.

  • Can I set up multiple email templates for the same job?

    Yes! Unlike auto-replies, you can set up multiple email templates and assign them to same group of jobs. When you create each template, make sure to select the same group of Org Field values.

    When a member of the hiring team goes to choose a template, they’ll be able to select from all templates that match the job.

  • I can't find my email template. Where is it?

    If you can't find a template on a candidate's profile:

    • Check that you assigned the right type to the template. There are four types of email templates, and each shows up in a different tab. If you've assigned the wrong type, it won't show up where you expect it to.
    • If you've assigned the template using Org Fields, make sure that the job and template have matching Org Field values. If even one value doesn't match, the template won't be available for that job.