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Custom Email Notifications

  • SmartRecruit


SmartRecruiters' Email Notifications can be used by your administrators to setup email notifications that can configured into Workflows automation, specifically under the Send Message Step.


Administrators can create 2 types email notifications under "Settings/Admin > Custom Email Notifications":

  • Candidate notifications that are specifically sent to internal or external candidates
  • Internal notifications that are specifically sent to internal users (such as a hiring team member or a named user)

Notifications which are setup here will not be visible in the template dropdown for recruiters/coordinators to send to candidates on an ad hoc basis in the email tab of the candidate profile or through inbox.

In the main page you will be able to:

  • Create New templates with the button on the top left corner,
  • Edit templates by clicking on the template name, and
  • Search through existing templates that are already created with the search by (by template name)

Workflows Notification (screenshot 1).png

Workflows Notification (screenshot 2).png

Custom email notifications currently only support 1 language at a time.  As such, if you have a job that uses multilingual job ads, you will not be able to customize the language of the email notification that a candidate received based on the job ad language which they have applied through.