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Set Up Custom Auto Reply

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Admins can also create additional Auto Reply templates and assign them to specific jobs by assigning specific Org field values to the template.  Once you've set up a custom Auto Reply template, only candidates who apply to jobs that exactly match all of the template's values will receive that custom Auto Reply. 

Create custom auto reply

To create a custom Auto Reply:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. Click Auto Reply in the Templates list.
  3. Click Add Template.
  4. Give the template a name.
  5. Enter the templates' subject and body. 
    • SmartRecruiters’ text editor supports basic HTML formatting (bold, italics, lists, headings, links), but does not currently support images or colors.
    • You can also customize the reply to a specific candidate or your company by adding merge fields to the Subject or Message body. Merge fields automatically include:
      • your brand or company information.
      • the title and location of the job, and
      • the personal information in their application.
  6. Assign the template to a specific group of jobs by selecting values for your active Org fields. You can match values for any of your company’s active Org fields, plus the default Brand and Country fields.

Assign Auto Reply to jobs

When you assign specific Org Field values to the Auto Reply, it will be available for jobs whose values for each Org Field matches one or more of the the Auto Reply's values for the same Org Field.

For example, assume that we'd like to assign one Auto Reply to engineering and finance jobs in Poland and the US.

We'd give the Auto Reply the the following configuration:

  • Brand: SmartRecruiters
  • City: All
  • Departments: Engineering, Finance
  • Country: United States, Poland

In order to use this Auto Reply, a job will need to be assigned:

  • Brand: SmartRecruiters
  • City: Any city
  • Departments: Engineering or Finance
  • Country: United States or Poland

The Auto Reply will only apply to jobs that match its Org field values. Thus, it's important that you choose the right values when creating Auto Replies and jobs. Consider these jobs and their Org field assignments:

  Job 1 Job 2 Job 3
Brand SmartRecruiters SmartRecruiters SmartRecruiters
City Los Angeles Kraków Los Angeles
Departments Marketing Engineering Finance
Country United States Poland United States

The Auto Reply will be available for the hiring team(s) on Jobs 2 and 3, but not Job 1,  even though Job 1 matched on 3 of 4 fields.

SmartRecruiters can only send one Auto Reply at a time, and will not allow you to have two templates configured for the same set of values. However, because SmartRecruiters is so strict about exact matches, you can set up individual templates for a very specific group of jobs by making multiple templates that differ in only a single value.