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Auto Replies

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


SmartRecruiters' Auto Reply feature helps you maximize candidate engagement by automatically responding to each new application with a custom message.



One of the top complaints from job seekers is the feeling of disconnection and frustration when they apply to a job and receive no acknowledgement. Recruiters are busy, and often don't have time to respond to every application.  

Auto Replies provide an automated means to immediately engage the candidate, set expectations on follow-up steps like phone screens, and introduce your company's culture. When a candidate applies to a job, SmartRecruiters will automatically respond with an Auto Reply to the email they provide on their application.

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Each job can have one Auto Reply, which is branded with your company’s name. The Auto Reply also contains a link to the Candidate Portal so that the candidate can access their application(s). 

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  1. Candidates who apply to the General Application do not receive an auto-reply.
  2. Recruiters will not receive an email if the candidate answers to Auto-Replies. Please avoid using it as a general template.

Multiple Auto Replies

  • SmartRecruit

Admins can customize the Default Auto Reply, or create additional Auto Replies and designate each reply for specific groups of jobs by assigning Org field values. Candidates who apply to a job without an assigned a custom Auto Reply will receive the Default Auto Reply. 


  • Edit the Default Auto Reply
    Automatically respond with a templated email when a candidate submits an application to one of your jobs.
  • Set Up Custom Auto Reply
    Set up multiple Auto Replies to tailor your automatic responses to candidates who apply to specific jobs.


  • Can I set up an auto reply for jobs in a specific language?

    Auto Replies cannot be set up based solely on the language of a job ad. However, users in SmartRecruit accounts can set up auto-replies for a specific region, country, or other Org field which might dictate the job's language, and write the template in the appropriate language.

  • Can I set up multiple Auto Replies?

    SmartStart customers can edit the default Auto Reply template, which SmartRecruiters will send to all candidates. Companies with SmartRecruit accounts can set up multiple Auto Reply emails, and apply them to specific jobs that match one or more specific Org Field values (e.g., one template for each specific Organization or Brand.).

  • What's the difference between an Auto Reply and an email template?

    Auto Reply emails, which are only sent in response to a new application, are separate from email templates, which are manually selected by members of the hiring and interview team during the interview process.