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16. Why am I no longer seeing an option to use Job Search?


Smartr helps you to be more successful in your application process.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by removing the Job Search feature.

Looking at our data we realized that users prefer the results from recommendations over those from job searches (users apply 15% more to jobs from recommendations). Also job search had some limitations. For example, it was not allowing you to look for jobs in a whole country.

Our job preferences that will be used for recommendations DOES have that option! :)

In short, we have decided to really focus on giving you suitable recommended job offers and help you save time by no longer needing to search yourself.

We know that a lot of users were looking for jobs at a particular company, typically the company they already applied to. Good news; soon we will launch a special section in our recommended jobs showing you other suitable jobs at the companies you've applied to.

Please go ahead and have a look at your recommended jobs in the MyJobs Recommendations section. Make sure to update your preferences and also provide enough SmartrProfile data (education, work history and skills) for us to work with!