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06. When will I hear from the Hiring Team of the company which I applied to?


Smartr is the system that powers the hiring experience between over 4,000 employers and candidates like you, but we do not control each employer’s actual recruiting operations or timing. However, we can offer a little insight into the application process.

Once the employer you applied to has moved the hiring step forward or set up an interview, you will automatically see that change in your dashboard -- accessible at, and via email.

While every company has its own process, the typical flow goes something like this:

1.    Recruiters review resumes/applications
2.    Recruiters screen candidates by phone
3.    Hiring Manager interviews candidates
4.    Team interviews candidates
5.    Candidates take skills tests
6.    Executive/approver interviews candidates
7.    Recruiters check references
8.    Background check is run if needed

Note: only in case you have applied to a job of one of our Enterprise customers, the status will be updated. Jobs that you have added manually or using SmartrInbox to Smartr will not be updated automatically. You can do that easily by using drag- and drop between statuses.

Please keep in mind that the average company takes 36 days to fill a position with 30% of companies hiring in under a month & 70% taking between 1-4 months. There’s been a 4X increase in the number of applications per job, so the Hiring Team may be swamped in reviewing applications. We hope that they get to yours soon and update you with the next steps.

We are working on 'Smartr Insights' that will give you more information about the application status and when you could expect a response from the hiring team.

As said, we build enterprise talent acquisition software used by companies to power their hiring success and are not directly involved in the hiring process of these companies. Every company has a different hiring process and there is no way to promise when the next update will take place.

To increase your chances (it takes on average 20 applications to land a job!):

  • Keep your SmartrProfile up to date
  • Set your job preferences
  • Apply to our personalized job recommendations

And if you’ve applied to other opportunities within Smartr, we hope that you hear back as soon as possible!