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04. Who is able to see or search my SmartrProfile?


Your SmartrProfile is only visible to you, unless you decide to either:

  • Share a link to your SmartrProfile to others after making it public (Ideal to promote yourself and your skills!)  or
  • Attach a link to your application when applying to jobs (a great way to show the company’s Hiring Team your Profile and Skills!)

You have full control over the visibility and usage of your SmartrProfile using the ‘Share’ button or the ‘My SmartrProfile’ Settings in your SmartrProfile .

You can find these settings when editing your SmartrProfile. See the screenshots below.

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 10.20.32 AM.png


You can at any time deactivate the public link using the toggle and/or the ‘Deactivate my Link’ button seen in the screenshots above.

Also rest assured that, when submitting an application, that application is only visible to the company you applied to. For example; if you applied to two(2) companies, H&M and Dentsu, H&M cannot see the Dentsu application and vise versa.