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Jobs On Hold


Requires: SmartRecruit

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Moving Jobs to 'On Hold' Status

A new job status called “On hold” is now available to differentiate jobs that are actively being recruited for and jobs which need to be paused.  All users with a hiring team role setup with edit permissions to job status or has a system role setup with full access to all jobs will be able to update jobs to this status.  Those without edit permissions will still see this status.

The status can be changed in two different places:

1. Jobs List: When a job is put on hold, selecting "Reactivate job” will move the job to “sourcing” status (right screenshot).

In the “Show jobs” filters, jobs in “On hold” status are excluded from “Active, My Active, Filled and Cancelled” lists. In the job filter on the top left corner of the page, users will also be able to see “On hold” under the Job Status filter if there is at least one job in this status.

2. Job Details Page

By putting a job on hold, you are only changing the job status.  There will be no other changes applied to the job or the job ad.

If recruiters also need to have job ads unpublished or candidates dispositioned, this will need to be done separately (can be done before or after the job has been put on hold).

Building Reports on jobs in 'On Hold' status

Users with access to Report Builder will also be able to build new reports that can accurately reflect a recruiter’s productivity with the below updates made to incorporate the new 'On hold' status.

Reporting Area What's new / changed? Details
Job New Datapoint

“Time in Job Status: ON HOLD”, total number of days a job has been ON HOLD status.

"Job Status: ON HOLD date", date when the job was last moved to ON HOLD.

Position Update Datapoint

“Time to Hire” and “Time to Start” will exclude the number of days that a job has been “On hold” from the day count.  This will also apply when calculating the maximum, minimum and average values of these metrics (found in the Job reporting area).

Hired Position Update Datapoint “Hired Position Time to Hire” and “Hired Position Time to Start” will exclude the number of days that a job has been “On hold” from the day count.
Job Status Change (No change from current behavior) ​​​​​​

Job status changes will continue to be available in this reporting area and users can create reports to see the different times at which a job was moved in and out of “On hold” status and for how long each time.