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Job Discovery Dialogue


The job discovery dialogue is responsible for gathering criteria from the candidate and displaying the current open positions which meet that criteria. Currently, SmartPal supports job discovery based on the job’s location (city, country), seniority level, category, and type and can be configured to ask some or all and in what order they are asked to the candidate. The candidate can answer these questions either by clicking on quick reply buttons or type in an answer. The options presented to users will all have at least 1 matching job with that that attribute to remove the situation where criteria results in zero jobs. If the last configured criteria only has one option for the candidate to select, it will be skipped and present the candidate straight to the job carousel

Dialogue Overview


How can a candidate enter the Job Discovery Dialogue?

  1. Candidates can also access the job discovery dialogue by writing or clicking “start job search” in the welcome message
  2. Candidates can type the name of the job and the location directly. For example: “I want a <job title> in <city or location> ”.

How do we process a written input from a candidate which triggers the Job Discovery dialogue?

Using the input "I want to find Engineering positions in Berlin", our Natural Language Processing technology will recognize the candidates input as an intent to find a job and can extract they key entities in the message which relate to the Job Type and Location (Engineering and Berlin in the example) irrespective of the way the message is written.

You can read more about how our intent recognition works here.

When that intent is recognized, the chatbot will ask for confirmation to make sure that the user wants to trigger the job discovery flow.clipboard_e34d07e27244477ab00f71d010a7ba921.png

If the user chooses No, provide answer, the chatbot will start looking for a response to that request in your FAQ Dataset.

In the case they choose Yes, search for job, the job discovery flow will start. If there are available jobs for that job type and location, the chatbot will ask the user only the remaining criteria questions (in this example, if the query is “I want a Marketing job in Berlin”, the user would not be asked about the city or profession again).

What happens once a candidate has provided all the requested job criteria?

At the end of the job discovery process, we show the applicable jobs in a job carousel. In case there are no open positions matching the criteria the candidate is searching for there is a subscribe functionality where the candidate will be given a chance to subscribe to job positions matching the input criteria. The candidate will never be presented with an empty Job Carousel, they will be redirected either to Job Carousel with Jobs or presented with the message that no jobs matched their criteria and to subscribe for job notifications.

Common questions

  1. Is there a limit to the number of suggestions (e.g. visible cities) to the user during job discovery?
    Yes, the default is 10 but it can be decreased or increased. Note, there might be Platform limitations which will limit the maximum number of suggestions which can be displayed.