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Job Carousel


At the end of the job discovery process user will be able to browse through jobs that match their set criteria. The jobs are displayed in the form of a job carousel, which consists of (limited) information on each listed job, like title, location, department etc.

What Job information is displayed in the Job carousel?

The Job Carousel will display a card of information for each job that meets the users criteria and is made up of the following elements:

  • Images
    • By default, all our job carousels have a set of stock-type images. We highly recommend providing your own custom images. Keep in mind that not all platforms support image-based job carousels.
  • Title
    • Below each job image, we have a title. 
  • Subtitle
    • The city and country are the default subtitles for the job.
  • Buttons
  • “Clicking on 'Apply now'….“ message
    • This message appears only once, to new users. You can adjust the copy of this message.

What is included in the Navigation Card included on every Job Carousel?

At the end of your carousel, you will see a navigation card that will allow candidates to find more or other jobs, subscribe for job updates, and go back to the main menu.

  • Image
    • The image is randomly selected from the pool of images that has been configued.
  • Look for other jobs
    • Users can start a job search again from scratch by using this option.
  • Main menu
    • It triggers main menu functionality and allows the user to see main options (usually: Ask a question, Start job search, Learn more about us).
  • More jobs
    • For better user experience, only a limited number of matching jobs are displayed (typically five) at once. If there are more matching jobs than can fit into a single carousel, the candidate can easily navigate to the next carousel, which will display the next set of jobs.
    • This button will be visible only when there are still more jobs to be displayed. It will be replaced by “Receive job updates“ once there are no more jobs to show.
  • Receive job updates
    • With this button, if Subscription is enabled for this chatbot, the user can trigger a feature that will allow them to receive updates when new positions, matching their search, will appear. This button is only visible when there are no more jobs then what was already shown in the job carousel(s).

Can custom images be used in the job carousel?

To provide a better user experience we recommend using your own custom images. Keep in mind that these images need to be provided to your Implementation manager in the appropriate format. We recommend using a set of at least 10 images. This way you can avoid image repetition.

  1. Format
    Images need to be hosted and the links provided to us. Recommended size is at least 500px x 259px (width x height). Images can be bigger or smaller but keep in mind that smaller images may have an impact on their quality. Always keep the ratio (1:0,518).

How a user can enter the job carousel?

There are four ways a user will be able to access the job carousel:

  1. After they reach the end of job discovery flow.

  2. When they have triggered Job Search intent in the FAQ dialogue

  3. When they used the subscription feature and a new job, matching their search, just became available.

  4. Through offer deeplinking.

Common questions

  1. Can I change the number of cards displayed in the job carousel?
    Yes, you can! The default is 5 but that can be configured. Note that platform limitations need to be considered when increasing this number.

  2. Can I change the name of the buttons?
    Yes. Keep in mind that there is a 20 character limit on all buttons.

  3. Can I disable the Subscription functionality?
    Yes. The default it for this to be enabled.