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Frequently Asked Questions Dialogue


Once a candidates question is classified as a Frequently Asked Question, the chatbot enters the FAQ dialogue.

If the chatbot knows the response right away (when similar questions have already been trained) candidates will be provided with the answer from the corresponding, trained category. If the chatbot was not able, with confidence, provide a response, the “Unknown answer“ response is given to the user automatically (like: “I cannot answer this question yet, I will ask my human colleagues and get back to you!“). This response can be customized at the Implementation stage and variations of it can be created (advisable). Once the user receives a response, the chatbot asks if they have any further questions. They can exit the flow by choosing “No“, return to the beginning of the FAQ flow by choosing “Yes“, or just ask another question without clicking anything and get a response to their request.

Dialogue Overview


In what scenarios will this FAQ Dialogue be used?

There are several scenarios from which the user can enter the FAQ Dialogue:

  1. The most common entryway is the “Ask a question“ button in the main menu or welcome message. User can also write a variation of “I have a question“ that the chatbot would understand as a trigger and ask the followup question “What would you like to know?“

  2. The Content Flow Dialogue can be configured to provide candidates with a button to click to ask a question which uses the FAQ Dialogue.

  3. When a candidate is viewing a job in the job carousel, they can ask a position-specific question. Once they have received their answer and they select “No” to the “Do you have any other question?” this will take the user back to the job carousel (and not to the main menu like in other FAQ cases).

Common questions:

  1. Can the “Do you have any other question?“ prompt, that appears after the chatbot provides an answer, be delayed?
    Yes, it can. The default is 0 seconds but it can be configured longer.

  2. Can a candidate access this dialogue for anywhere in a conversation?
    No, the FAQ dialogue is not enabled everywhere to improve overall experience. For example, in the Job Discovery Flow where we are trying to understand details of a job search intent (location, job type, etc.) the FAQ dialogue is disabled. Also, during the application process, we are processing free-text entries from the candidates so we need to make sure that FAQ dialogue is not enabled, and that we do not process those responses as questions. For the same reason, Feedback flow also does not treat messages from the user as incoming FAQs.

  3. What happens when a user asks a question in a space where the FAQ dialogue is not enabled?
    One of three things may happen (depending on where the user is in the chatbot flow):

    1. Repeat the last message with a prompt to choose one of the options from the list,

    2. Accept question as a response (for example: in the application process),

    3. Ignore the message (nothing happens).