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Application Dialogue


When candidates exit the job discovery dialogue they are presented with a number of open positions which they can apply for. The application process is started by clicking Apply Now under a specific job position in the job carousel and this will start the application directly in the chatbot. If they select the More Info option they will be forwarded to the web based application form where they can continue with their application.

For applications completed in the chatbot, they will follow a standard application process which includes providing personal details, a CV, answering screening questions, provide relevent consent before a final review and submission.


What stages make up the Application process?

Personal Information Stage

  • Email (we make sure it looks like an email so entries like ““ or “x@com“ would not be accepted).

  • Full name (we make sure the user writes two separate words to make sure that full name was provided and not just first name).

Screening questions Stage

Screening questions are automatically picked up from the screening questions configured for the Job in the SmartRecruiters system.

Screening question supported:

  • Free Text - No validation on input
  • Yes/No - Suggestion buttons or Yes/No text inputs accepted
  • Dropdown (single and multi select) - Suggestion buttons displayed (and capped at 10) and text input accepted
  • Information Text - Displayed as a message then the next question is displayed
  • Checkbox - Suggestion buttons displayed or text input accepted
  • Currency - Input validated to be a number only

Screening questions not yet supported: 'Repeatable' question types which currently include Work Shift and Language. At the moment input can only be taken once instead of the multiple times as designed. 

By default, we allow candidates to provide free-text answers to screening questions so, for that reason, the FAQ dialogue cannot be triggered and candidates are not able to leave the screening process until they reach the application summary stage.

Application Summary Stage

Yes, at the end of the application process, candidates will be able to review their application, edit their answers if necessary before submitting their application.


  • When a user will choose to edit an entry they will be asked the chosen question again and will be able to provide a different answer. Once they do that - a full application summary with the improved answer will be displayed.

  • When user will choose “Send application“ they will receive a notification that the application was sent and they will see an option to provide (configurable) feedback, ask a question or keep looking (and applying) for other jobs.

Common questions

  1. Must candidates provide an e-mail address?
    Yes, providing an email address is mandatory and will be checked to ensure it is a valid format.

  2. Can the CV upload step be skipped or made mandatory?
    Yes, this step can be configured to be removed or made mandatory