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Deeplinking is a convenient feature, which allows candidates to take a shortcut past job discovery flow directly to the job carousel or to the application flow. This technique is typically used when a particular job position is advertised individually, using either an online or an offline marketing method.

Offline solutions:

  • Using an offline (printed) QR code that candidates can scan with their mobile devices and are taken to the job position (in Whatsapp or SMS messenger)

Online solutions:

  • Perform a platform switch (from WebMessenger to Whatsapp or to SMS)

    • QR code or link displayed on a website, candidates scan the QR code / click the link and are taken to the job position

  • Email campaigns:

    • Link sent out to talent pool, candidates who click on the link are taken to the job position

On which platform is deeplinking available?

Deeplinking itself works on every platform - but requires platform dependent message pre-population for best results. You can learn more about message pre-population in the “How to pre-populate user message?” section of this page.

Please note: deeplinking works the best with message pre-population which is a platform dependent feature and as such on some platforms might not be supported. Please check the platform comparison for further details.

How does deeplinking work?

Deeplinking uses a special control command that is passed to the chatbot and instructs it to shortcut the conversation to a specific job position.

Each deeplink consists of two parts: a control command word and the job position identifier.

How to obtain the correct job ID to use?

The correct ID is called "Job Posting ID" and can be found in the URL of the web Job posting. It is a numerical number which is approximately 15 numbers long and appears after the company name and before the job title.


Types of deeplinking

There are two types of deeplinks: one can direct the candidate to the job carousel (offer deeplinking), while the other to the first step of the application flow (application deeplinking). 

Offer deeplinking

In case of offer deeplinking, the candidate is taken to the job carousel, which is populated only with the particular job offer. At the job carousel, candidates can ask position specific questions or proceed to the application flow.

The control command word for offer deeplinking is #ref_ext_offer and is supposed to be followed by the job ID, provided between two colons. Example: #ref_ext_offer:12345: where 12345 is the job ID. 

Application deeplinking

Application deeplinks take the candidate to the first step of the application flow, so they can start the application right away. Note: application deeplinking will work properly only if in-chatbot applications are enabled in your chatbot.

The control command word for application deeplinking is #ref_apply which should be followed by the job ID within colons. Example: #ref_apply:12345: where 12345 is the job ID. 

How to pre-populate the user message

In order deeplinking to work, the control command word and the job ID must be sent in the conversation by the candidate. Message pre-population is a method that fills the chatbot conversation with a pre-set message (in our case the deeplinking command and job ID). With the use of message pre-population, the effort on the candidate’s side is reduced to a single button press.

To make deeplinks user friendly, any human readable text can be added to them. Examples:

  • Please send this message to apply for the Designer lead position! #ref_ext_apply:12345:

  • Please send #ref_ext_offer:12345: to see more information on the position!

Message pre-population is a platform specific method:


Add the following code to the SmartPal chatbot snippet implemented on your website, right after the invocation of the JobPal.init() function:



Whatsapp has a technique to create links that pre-populate chat messages - please find the documentation here. Note: as described in the documentation, the message in the resulting link must be URL encoded. You might want to use this tool to create a properly encoded Whatsapp link.

The created link can be used on a website (to redirect your users to Whatsapp) or using a QR code generator can be converted into a QR code and used in print media.


You can create web links that pre-populate sms messages on mobile devices, using the following format

<a href="sms:+123456789&body=deeplinking_message">Click here to apply!</a>


  • +123456789 is the phone number to send the SMS to

  • deeplinking_message is the URL encoded message to be sent

The link created this way, can be used on mobile websites or can be turned into a QR code using the URL to QR code converter tool. Or if you prefer, you can create the QR code directly with this tool.

Please contact your account representative in case you need support setting up deeplinking.