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Call-to-Action (CTA)


A crucial part of the chatbot integration on your website or other channels is creating inviting, clear and visible Call-to-Action (CTA).

CTA copy

To differentiate your recruitment chatbot from any other, general bot (especially important if your business model is B2C), your CTA should be clear and indicate what the chatbot can help with (like application, answering questions, onboarding, etc.). Here are some good and bad examples:



  • Any questions?

  • Questions?

  • Talk with us

  • Chat now

  • Learn more


  • Apply for your dream job!

  • Ask your career questions

  • Questions about our recruitment process?

  • Apply and learn more about our vacancies!

  • Any questions around our careers?


Although the content of your CTA is crucial in getting the right traffic, it is also vital to invite visually the user to start the conversation. Using colors that do not blend easily with the rest of your website and building proactive messages are one of the ways to make it happen. Consult with your Design team to come up with the best solution for your website. 

QR codes

You can include QR codes in offline promotional campaigns but also on your website. It is especially useful in the case of WhatsApp, SMS, or WeChat chatbots to do so. When you decide to use QR codes, make sure to also include short instruction how to reach the chatbot without scanning the code (for example, that they can just text you at the provided number):

In the mobile view, it is advisable to build a solution that will bring the user straight to the app. In the case of all text-based platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, and WeChat, you can direct your users straight to the app and the chatbot with a proper link.

Proactive Messaging

In the case of WebMessenger, you can build an entire custom behavior of your chatbot. Download the full technical guideline here:

WebMessenger Customization Guideline.pdf

Building an invitation, a short bubble that we like to call a proactive message, allows you to provide more information about the solution to the users and lead them to your chatbot.

Deeplinking CTA

In a case you are using deeplinking, it is advisable to create a clear CTA, different from the general entry point for the chatbot. If you are using WhatsApp for example, you can create “Apply via WhatsApp“ buttons on the individual job pages that would lead to the start of the application process in the chatbot for the particular job.