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Small talk feature


Small talk is a special feature we have developed to handle common user requests. We sift through the incoming questions and, if they belong to one of the small talk categories, provide answers for them automatically (without intervention from Chatbot Trainer). Those answers are not available in your dataset for that reason. This way we are able to reduce the time you and your team spend approving unnecessary questions like “How are you?“ or heavily limit the visibility of insults that chatbot may experience. You can see how this engine works here:


Overview of currently handled small talks:



Chatbot Purpose

How can you help me? What are you for? What can you do?

About Chatbot

Are you a robot? Are you human? What is a chatbot?

How are you

How are you? What is up?

About your Company

What do you do? What is the company about?


Hello! Hi! Good morning

Thank you

Thank you! Thanks!


Stop, Please stop, Do not talk to me + Insults


Goodbye, Ciao, Bye-bye, etc.

Updating Small Talk during Implementation

During the implementation stage, your Implementation Consultant will provide you with a Configuration Workbook where you will be able to review all default small talk responses and adjust them if necessary. Once you finalize the copies, we will implement them for you. Keep in mind that you are not able to access those responses later on and only your account manager is able to adjust them for you.

Here are some common questions we have received around small talk:

  1. Can I create a few variations of the response? (so chatbot does not just repeat the same answer?)
    Yes! You can provide up to 5 variations per each small talk (and for certain small talks like “Hello“, we highly recommend that).

  2. Which small talk is used the most by the users?
    The clear winner is “Hello“ with 74% usage, the second one is About your Company with 9% usage. All the other small talks have 7% or less usage.

  3. How much small talk is used?
    4% of all user queries end up as small talk. You can read more about it in our article.

  4. Should I train small talks in my dataset?
    If small talk is covered by our feature please do not train those questions in your dataset.

If you see small talks, that should be covered under one of the topics listed, appearing in your Training view, do inform your account manager about that (please provide a screenshot if possible).