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What is SmartPal?

SmartPal is a global recruiting chatbot with functionality to answer FAQs, engage talent, and schedule interviews in 15+ languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that recruiting teams can use the saved time on converting quality candidates at scale.

  • Automatically answer candidate FAQs 24x7 and offer a personalized job search experience
  • Guide users through application while qualifying, screening, and prioritizing their candidacy
  • Coordinate availability and schedule interviews.

What are the main features of SmartPal?

Discover and Learn

End Users have the ability to ask questions directly to the Chatbot. Those questions are reviewed against the knowledge base to provide the user with an answer.

If the chatbot knows the response right away (when similar questions have already been trained) user will be provided with the answer from the corresponding, trained category.

If the chatbot was not able respond with sufficient confidence it will provide a response, known as the “Unknown answer“ response , to the user automatically (like: “I cannot answer this question yet, I will ask my human colleagues and get back to you!“). This response can be customized at the Implementation stage and variations of it can be created (advisable). Once the user receives a response, the chatbot asks if they have any further questions. 


The chat-to-apply feature is made up of two key components, Job Discovery and Job Application.

Job Discovery makes the current open positions available to the candidates to find. The candidate will answer a few questions like “In which city are you looking for a job?” to narrow down the list of jobs, the number and order of these questions are configurable and can include the job’s location (city, country), seniority level, job category, and job type (as defined in SmartRecruiters). The candidate can answer these questions either by clicking on a quick reply button or typing in their answer. SmartPal will show only options that will provide at least one resulting Job to avoid selections which result in zero jobs. On the basis of the candidate´s answers, the available jobs will be filtered and shown.

Job Application starts when candidates finish the job discovery process and choose a position they are interested in applying for. They start the application process by clicking Apply Now under a specific job position in the job carousel. You can choose to send the candidates to a web page where they continue with their application or you can also let them apply directly in SmartPal. If they apply directly in SmartPal, they will be asked for their personal information, CV, and any configured screening questions before being shown a final summary and an action for them to complete the application process.

Interview Scheduling

Once a candidates application has been reviewed by a recruiter and a decision has been made to interview them, the recruiter is able to request them to self schedule an interview. Assuming that they are using one of the messaging platforms (Whatsapp, Facebook etc) this will be facilitated via SmartPal.

The candidate will recieve a message with details of potential interview slots which are available for them, they can chose one of those or request additional ones until they find one which works. They can then confirm back and this completes the interview scheduling feature of SmartPal.

Which Languages does SmartPal support?

We are able to configure SmartPal for candidates to use in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, TurkishNew and NorwegianNew.

The process for adding languages requires all chatbot messages to be translated, which cannot be done using an automated translation technology due to the candidate facing nature of the information, and our Natural Language Processing technology to be retrained to identify the unique characteristics of the new language and how they map to the users overall intent. In 2022 we will be supporting at least 1 new language every quarter priortised to demand.

The administration and analytics functionality, used only by recruiters, are translated into all SmartRecruiters languages. These languages are: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English(US), Spanish(Spain), Spanish(Mexico), Finnish, French(France), French(Canada), Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese(Portugal), Portuguese(Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese(Simplified), and Chinese(Traditional)