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SmartOnboard Permissions


As part of the SmartRecruiters suite, users can easily configure SmartOnboard permissions using the SmartRecruiters System Roles to adjust the permissions for custom roles per an organization’s needs.

SmartOnboard Access for Standard Roles

The default roles (Admin, Extended, Standard, and Basic) are configured so that only Admins have access to sensitive data. It is possible to control access rights for which onboarding specialists have access to sensitive information through Custom Roles.

The standard Admin role has full permissions in SmartOnboard and able to access all of the following areas:

  • Access New Hire List
  • Content Creation
  • Access to Sensitive data

Create Custom Roles for your Onboarding Team

SmartOnboard has the flexibility of creating and configuring as many Custom Roles as your organization needs. The following steps demonstrate how to create a new Custom Role:

  • Visit the Settings page using an Admin account (
  • Select System Roles under the Permissions category. 
  • Go to the Custom Roles section and click on + Add a custom role.
  • Configure the SmartRecruiters access roles for Company Settings, Analytics, and Jobs & Candidates.
  • After saving the new created role, hover over the new role and click on Company Settings.
  • Navigate to the SmartOnboard section at the bottom of the Company Settings page and apply the SmartOnboard specific configurations for the new role. There, users have the following options: 

New Hires List: Gives access to the onboarding module and the New Hires List. This role can administer New Hire submissions and follow up on the progress of onboarding processes

Content Management: Gives access to create Onboarding Tasks content and ability to assign to a specific criteria of New Hires.

Access to Sensitive Data: Gives access to New Hires data submissions for Onboarding tasks that are marked to contain sensitive information.​​​​​​​