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About SmartOnboard


SmartOnboard is SmartRecruiters native solution delivering seamless onboarding experiences for both new hires and HR teams.

What is SmartOnboard?

SmartOnboard is SmartRecruiters’ native onboarding solution that delivers seamless experiences for both new hires and HR teams. New joiners can easily find and complete their to-do items, get introduced to their team, and familiarize themselves with their employer’s brand and culture, all through a slick New Hire Portal.

At the same time, HR teams can standardize their organization’s onboarding process by region and role, keep their teams on track, and easily control all their data within one system. 

With SmartOnboard, SmartRecruiters accelerates your new hires’ journey to productive and engaged contribution.

What are the main features of SmartOnboard?

SmartOnboard provides the following primary features:

  • New Hire Portal
  • Onboarding Admin Dashboard
  • Content creation Area