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SmartMessage empowers Hiring Teams to reach candidates wherever they are, instantly. It introduces real-time text messaging capabilities directly into the SmartRecruiter Talent Acquisition Suite. It was included in the July 2020 Release Notes.

What does SmartMessage do?

SmartMessage allows assigned users to

  • Text candidates (both applicants & prospects) for 1:1 two-way conversations

  • Use SMS and/or WhatsApp channels

  • Centralize communications in an Inbox

  • Receive incoming message notifications

For whom?

SmartMessage is especially useful for Admins and Recruiters in the retail, seasonal labor, manufacturing, agriculture, finance, and technology spaces. 

For what part of my hiring journey? 

SmartMessage can enhance the entire hiring process, but will really shine in the review, candidate screening and interview stages.

What problem does it solve?

SmartMessage enables real-time 1:1 texting between Hiring Teams and candidates leveraging SMS technology, with higher read and response rates than SmartRecruiters’ existing email channel. 

Customer Readiness

What do customers need to have ready for SmartMessage enablement?

Key Steps

  1. Contact CSM

  2. File the SmartMessage Customer Intake form (provided by CSM)

  3. Collect and provide any necessary documents for phone numbers

SmartMessage Intake Form

The CSM will send you the SmartMessage Intake Form to file or file it for you. The Intake form asks the following questions. 

  1. Email address? 

  2. What is the name of your company?

  3. How many North American (NAMER) based users?

  4. How many EU (NAMER) based users?

  5. Would prefer sending phone numbers from which of the following countries? Select all that apply

    1. United States, +1 (US)

    2. Canada, +1 (CA)

    3. Great Britain, +44 (GB)

    4. France, +33 (FR)

    5. Germany, +49 (DE)

  6. For US and CA based phone numbers, which area codes are preferred, if any? Not required. 

  7. For GB, FR, DE based phone numbers, which national destination or regional codes are preferred, if any? Please designate country and code together. Not required. 

  8. Texting channels to be used, Select all that apply. 

    1. SMS

    2. WhatsApp

Only international codes are guaranteed for the phone number assignments. Customers are asked about area/region/destination code preferences, but these are for reference and match attempts only.

Document Collection

For customers who would like to use sending numbers from Germany (DE) or France (FR), proof business residence documents are required.

These documents are required for the process of provisioning phone numbers in a B2C use case (this includes companies / employers to consumers / candidates). They essentially ensure the identity of businesses trying to reach consumers in the specified locale. These requirements are defined by local/country authorities and telephone operators within each country. These regulatory requirements will vary from country to country.

Detailed information for the kinds of documents required and acceptable for Germany, France, and Australiaare listed below. These documents are acceptable in PDF form. 


Documents Required

Acceptable Documents


1. Business Name

Excerpt from the commercial register (Handelsregisterauszug)

2. Business Address

Excerpt from the commercial register (Handelsregisterauszug) showing local address

Trade license (Gewerbeanmeldung) showing local address


1. Business Name

Excerpt from the commercial register (Extrait K-bis) showing name of Authorized Representative

2. Business Address

Excerpt from the commercial register showing local address

Utility bill

Tax notice

Rent receipt

Title deed

3. Business Registration Number

Excerpt from the commercial register (Extrait K-bis)

4. Name of Authorized Representative

Government-issued ID


Residence permit


1. Business Name

Commercial registry or equivalent

2. Business Address

May be anywhere in the world

Commercial registry or equivalent showing address

Utility bill

Tax notice

Rent receipt

Title deed

3. Business ID Number

Commercial registry or equivalent

How long will the process take?

The time to implement SmartMessage varies depending on the configuration. 

  • Including sending numbers from US, CA, GB, with SMS: around 3 weeks
  • Including sending numbers from FR, DE, or with WhatsApp: around 7 weeks