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Lead Capture Forms

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SmartCRM's Lead Capture Forms are an easy, configurable way for companies to help prospects to create a profile and opt into a community. When a prospect submits their information in a lead capture form, their profile is created and added to the specified community with status “Interested”.

Sourcers can create and embed a Lead Capture Form on any external web page, and connect it to a community. Prospects can then opt-in to the particular community by filling out the Form.


Sourcers can create new Lead Capture forms from the Forms tab of a community.


  1. First, give the form a name; this name will appear in the form's URL.
  2. Select a brand; this selection will determine the logo that will be displayed on the form and the color that will be used as the form's main button color. clipboard_e79415e5e1c2ace15a3942419791681d5.png
  3. Set the language of the form, and add the publicly visible header and description. The description should help Prospects decide whether they want to join the community. The language setting is used to localize the non-configurable text, such as field names, and the language of the confirmation email that the prospect will receive.LCF_Description.png
  4. Drag to rearrange the field order. First name, Last name, and Email fields cannot be removed, but they can be reordered.ArrangeLCF.pngAdditional fields, which are optional and can set as required, include: 
    • Location
    • Phone number (The country code will default language of the form. For example, if the form's language is English (US), the country code will default to +1.)
    • Links to social profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
    • Website
  5. Select if prospects will be able to upload their resumé when completing the lead capture form:
    • Optional: The resumé field appears on the form but prospects can complete the form without uploading their resumé.
    • Required: The resumé field appears on the form and prospects must upload their resumé in order to complete the form.
    • Do not allow: The resumé field doesn't appear on the form.clipboard_e1284efb78839d3b2b08bb2123e916e94.png
  6. Add a screening questions set and select if prospects who complete the form should receive an auto-reply (This selection is active by default).clipboard_e9a47f2b649114603691613604742094c.png
  7. Choose the source for the form. Prospects who opt-in through this form will be added to the community with this source.SetSource_LCF.png

Active forms are listed in the Forms list on the community page, with a shareable URL of that form.ManageLCFs.png

Click Share for sharing & embedding options. 

Forms cannot be deleted from this list but can be deactivated (please see below).

Sharing & Embedding

Once the form is configured, there are multiple ways to share it.


  • Click Copy URL to copy a link to the form.
  • Click Embed to get code for a HTML iFrame snippet that can be added to any web page.

Deactivate Form

Sources can deactivate lead capture forms that they no longer need. 


Deactivated forms can still be opened with a direct link, however the form will appear as expired. Deactivated lead capture forms will keep their configuration. Sourcers can re-activate them at any point in the future.

Prospect Experience

The view of the Lead Capture form is dependent on the type and number of specific fields added during configuration, but here's a simple example:LCF.png

After registration, the prospect will receive a confirmation email that is localized in the language selected for the form.

Consent Management

Consent collected through a Lead Capture Form is displayed on the prospect's profile in SmartCRM in the same way as consent for job applications. Consent is applied globally, on a company-by-company basis, and will be reflected in all communities or job applications submitted by a candidate to a particular company.