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Community Segments

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Community Segments is a powerful tool that lets you group together prospects with similar characteristics, skills or who will fulfill similar hiring needs.

For example, if you have a software engineering community, you can create segments based on working seniority (Junior, Mid-senior, Senior, Managers) or preferred tech stack (Frontend, Backend, Full-stack).

Segments can also be used to deliver a campaign to a very targeted audience. For instance, you might want to segment a students' community by type of studies and use this information to target business students of a specific location in a campaign and invite them to a hiring event.

Using segments in a community

To create a new segment in a community, simply select one or more prospects in a community and use the bulk actions menu. From there, you can also add prospects to an existing segment. 

Once created, segments will be available in the filters of the community, so the sourcing team can filter the prospect list by segments.


You can also view the segments a prospect has been added to in the community application view. From the same view, you can add a prospect to new segments or remove them from them.  


Segment is an attribute that belongs to a community. If a prospect is added to a segment of a community, this won't be reflected in other communities she or he is part of.

Managing segments

In case you want to rename a segment or delete, you can do so from the settings tab of the community.


Sourcing team rights

Only users who are added to a community as a Sourcer have the right to create new segments, add prospects to them or remove a prospect from a segment. Sourcers can also rename or delete segments.

Participants, although they can't create and manage segments, can still filter the prospect list by segments or view the segments a prospect has been added to.