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Sourcing Teams

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A sourcing team is a collection of individuals who have been invited by community organizers to manage the community and its prospects.


There are two roles in a sourcing team

Role Need CRM seat? Permissions
Sourcers Yes
  • Create community
  • Add/edit community team members
  • Manage prospects
  • View campaign messages
  • Send individual messages to prospects
  • Access all data about prospects within the community and details of the community
  • Transfer prospects and add them to a job/community
  • Mark prospects as not interested/not qualified
Participants No
  • Limited access to view data about prospects within the community
  • Add prospects to a community

Like hiring team roles for jobs, sourcing team roles set a user's permissions at the level of each community. A given user may have a different sourcing team role on different communities. 

Assigning CRM seats

Seats are assigned via User Management:AssignCRMSeat.png

A user's system role (e.g., Admin, Extended) also affects their ability to create and see other communities for which they are not on the sourcing team:

  • Admins and Extended user who have a CRM seat can create and see all communities.
  • Standard users with a CRM seat can create communities, but can view only their own communities.

Any user without a CRM seat, regardless of their system role, may be added to a community as a participant.