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A prospect is potential candidate who is associated with a community or job.

It's important to think of each candidate or prospect in SmartRecruiters as a person who has an application in the context of a community or job. Each person has at least one application to a community or job, and can have multiple applications to multiple communities or jobs. 

Applications: Job vs Community

A person may be a prospect on a job or community:

  • A job application prospect (also known as "lead") is a candidate whose application to a job has the Lead status. These candidates were added to the job by someone in SmartRecruiters, and did not apply to the job on their own.
  • A community prospect is someone with an application to a community. They may have joined the community themselves, or been added by someone in SmartRecruiters. 

In other words, a person may have multiple parallel applications, and the details of each particular application depend on whether it is associated with a community or job.

All of a person's applications at a company are visible from the same profile and share the same contact information (name, address, phone, etc) and profile information (experience, education) because they belong to the same person.


Community application status

With the introduction of SmartCRM and the prospect, the most significant change is the new set of statuses which describe the state of a community application as it moves through the community's pipeline. 

There are two types of statuses: active and inactive:

Type Status How it's assigned
Active Added Person (prospect) was added to community via search or manual upload, and the community application was created.
  Contacted Prospect received at least one message from the community, or was manually moved to this stage.
  Responded Prospect replied to at least one message sent from the community, or was manually moved to this stage.
  Interested Prospect has opted into a lead capture form, or was manually moved to this stage.
Inactive Not interested Prospect opted out of community via the candidate portal, or moved manually into this stage. “Not Interested” prospects have a disposition reason similar to Withdrawal reasons.
  Not selected Prospect was deemed no longer a fit for the community and was manually moved to this stage by a community team member for another reason. “Not Selected” prospects have a disposition reason similar to Rejection reasons.
  Transferred Prospect was manually removed from the community and assigned to another community or a job (or multiple).  If prospect is transferred to any job blank job application will be created. No data is copied from the community application.

On the Community page, the Community Pipeline displays the number of prospects in each status:


Inactive prospects remain attached to the community in an inactive state (searchable) ongoing or until reactivated.