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Creating Communities

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The ability to create a community is restricted to CRM seatholders who are also Admin, Extended or Standard users only. CreateCommunity.png

Creating a community

Each community has:

  • A title visible to external parties
  • An internal description, visible to the sourcing teamCRM_Description.png
  • Org field assignments for assigning branding, language settings, etc.CRM_Configure.png

    Only Job/Org fields that have been enabled to appear on communities can be selected when creating or editing a community. DisplayCustomJobField.pngAdmins can configure these fields in Settings / Admin. The Country field will always appear on each community. The choice of Country for each community will select the appropriate Data Retention policy (if one exists for that country). If no matching configuration exists, the default policy will apply.

  • A sourcing team made of sourcers (full access to create and manage communities) and participants (limited access to view communities)CRM_team.png

Users without a CRM seat cannot be added to a community with a Sourcer role. They can only be added as Participants by Sourcers.

Community Status

All communities have a status: open or closed. New communities begin in Open status. 


When a community is created its status is set to Open and it only closes when a community organizer chooses to Close the community (in the Community Settings). 

Once the community is created, sourcing teams can focus on:


Closing a community

When a community is closed, campaigns within this community will stop running.