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Adding prospects

  • SmartRecruit


Adding existing prospects or candidates to communities

Sourcers can manually add candidates or prospects who are already in SmartRecruiters to the community from the People list or from the Candidate page.

  1. Use search queries and filters to find matching candidates, then select them and choose Add [x] Candidates to community in the Actions menu.SearchManually.png
  2. Select the community from the list.AddtoCommunityModal.png
  3. Click Add.

Adding new prospects to a community

Sourcers can add new prospects directly to communities by filling their profile information or uploading and parsing their resume. If a candidate profile exists already, the prospect will be merged with the existing profile. The same merge rules are applied. 


Adding prospects from a CSV file

Sourcers can add prospects to a community by uploading a CSV file.

  1. Go to the community in which you would like to add the prospects and click on IMPORT PROSPECTSaddProspect.png
  2. Click on SELECT FILE to upload a csv from your local environment. importFromCSV02.png
  3. Once you select a file, you need to map the first name, last name, and email attributes to the file's columns and to select a source for all the new prospects. Then you can click IMPORT to start importing the prospects from the document to your community.importFromCSV03.png

Importing all prospects might take a few minutes, depending on the size of the CSV file. We strongly recommend limiting files to 1000 - 1500 entries to avoid long delays.