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Campaign audience

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There are two sets of rules which determine who should be in a campaign's audience, the audience entry rules, and the audience exit rules. In this guide, we will explain how each one works in detail and provide a few examples.

Audience entry rules


The audience entry rules determine who from the community will be added to the campaign's audience, once the campaign is launched. There are currently the following available filters that you can use for the audience entry rules:

  • Community segments
  • Prospect's location
  • Prospect's proximity to a location
  • Prospect's status in the community
  • Answers to community screening questions

There are three different scenarios that can help you understand how to combine these filters to launch targeted campaigns.

No audience entry rule

If you launch a campaign without selecting any filters for the audience entry rules, all prospects who are currently in the community and who will be added to it while the campaign is in "Launched" status will be added to the audience.



Prospects who are in Transferred status, meaning they have been removed from the community, won't be added to a campaign's audience, even if they match the rules.

Audience entry rules with a single filter

You can select a value for a filter in order to make sure that only the prospects who match it are added to the audience. For example, you can select only prospects who are in the "Added" status in this community. 


In case you select multiple values in the same filter, then a prospect who matches any of those values will be added to the audience. For example, you can select all prospects who are in the "Added", "Responded", "Contacted" or "Interested" status.


Audience entry rules filters combination

When you select multiple filters, all of them must be true in order for a prospect to be added to the audience. For example, if you select status is "Added" and location London, only prospects who match both will be included. In case a prospect is in "Added" status but their location is somewhere else, eg. San Francisco, they won't be included in the audience.


You can also select more than one value in each filter. For example, you might select location is Berlin or London and status is "Added" or "Responded". In this case, prospects who match any of the following combinations will be added to the audience:

  • Location is Berlin and Status is "Added".
  • Location is Berlin and Status is "Responded".
  • Location is London and Status is "Added".
  • Location is London and Status is "Responded".



When location and proximity filters are used together, prospects matching any of the selected values for these two filters will be included. For example, if you select the location "Los Angeles" and proximity "50 miles around San Francisco.", prospects that match either one of these selections will be included in the campaign audience.

Audience exit rules

The audience exit rules determine who should exit the audience, from the prospects that have already entered it. When a prospect is removed from the audience, they will stop receiving messages from the specific campaign immediately. The same is true even if a message was scheduled to be sent before the prospect was removed from the audience.

The way they work is very similar to the entry rules:

  • If no exit rules are selected, no one will be removed from the campaign's audience.
  • If you select a rule like status is "Not Interested", all prospects who have entered the audience and they had their status changes to "Not Interested" will be automatically removed.
  • If you select two values in the same filter, (eg. Status is "Not Interested" or "Not Selected"), if either one is true, the prospect will be removed from the audience.

When you use multiple filters in the exit rules, if all of them are true, then the prospect will be removed from the audience.  For example, if the exit rules are status is "Not Interested" and the location is London then: 

  • all prospects whose status is "Not Interested" and have the location London will be removed
  • all prospects located in London with another status than "Not Interested" will not be removed


Q: What will happen if I change the audience's entry rules after the campaign is launched?

A: The new rules will apply from that moment. For example, if you change the location from London to Berlin, all existing prospects who match this location will be added to the audience. However, prospects who were added before the change won't be removed.


Q: What will happen if the prospect's information changes so they match the entry or the exit rules?

A: If a prospect's profile is updated, and their new information matches the entry rules, they will be added to the audience. The same will happen for exit rules.


Q: What will happen if a prospect enters the audience and then I remove them from the community (status is Transferred)?

A: In this case, they will be automatically removed from the audience. This is a default setting that can't be configured in the exit rules.