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Campaign message editor

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The campaign message editor allows you to build the layout of the campaign messages, edit the content and preview its final look. This way you can build your messages without prior technical knowledge, simply by dragging blocks of content and organizing them.

To learn how to use the editor we will go through an example, step by step.

Anatomy of the editor

To access the campaign message editor you need to open a campaign and, at the messages area, click on the "CONTENT" button of a message. When you first open the editor for a message, it will appear in the default state. 

There are these three main parts in the editor:

  1. The header, where you can see the message's title and the "SAVE" button.
  2. The message preview area, which is below the header, on the left. Here you can add new blocks of content, re-arrange them and preview the final looks.
  3. Next to the preview, you can find the set of tools that will help you to add your content, adapt it and apply design settings.

Upload an image

Our first task will be to upload an image from our local device. Click on the image placeholder in the preview area and then on the "Upload an image" button that appeared on the right. This will prompt a pop-up window to select and upload an image from your local storage. Once the image is uploaded successfully, it will appear in the preview area. 

We recommend using images that are at least 600 pixels wide in a single-column layout or 300 pixels wide in a double-column layout. For better performance, your images should be smaller than 1 MB.

Edit the placeholder text

Next, we need to customize the placeholder text below the image. Click on the text in the message preview. In the editor that appeared on the right, you can type your text and customize the way it looks by adjusting the vertical alignment, adding bullet points or adding a text link.

Customize the button

Moving on, we are going to customize the button in our message. Click on it in the preview area to open the button settings menu on the right. In this menu, you can add a URL link to the button, change the label and customize the way it looks, so it matches your branding needs.

Content divider

You will notice that there is a dark horizontal line between the text block and the button. This is a content divider and it can help you visualize separate content blocks from each other. You can click on the divider to change its color and width.

Rearrange or remove a block

When you click on a content block in the editor, you will notice that it is highlighted and two icons appear on the top of it. These icons can be used to change the block's position in the message's body or delete it entirely.

To move the block in a new position simply click on the icon on the left and drag it to its new position. You will notice that when you are dragging it, various plus icons will appear in the message's body. These icons indicate where are the available places where you can drop the block.

In case you want to remove the block entirely, you can click on the trashcan icon that appears on the top right of the block.

Add new content blocks

You can add additional blocks in your message simply by dragging them from the "Content" area in the message's body. This includes text or image blocks, buttons or dividers.

You can also combine two blocks on the same row simply by dropping the one next to the other.

When you want to combine images in the same row with other blocks of content, we recommend using images that have almost equal width and height.

Design settings

After we have completed the content in the body of our message, it's time to adjust the body and the background colors. Both options are located in the design settings area. You can either use the color picker or directly type the hex code of the color you would like to use.

Message style

You will probably have noticed by now the message style setting on the right which is defaulted to Branded.

There are currently two message types you can use: "Branded" and "Simple". Both options are using the same campaign template editor. The difference is that the "Branded" style has more styling and formatting capabilities, while the "Simple" style is for campaigns that you want to keep things simple and personal. 

You can always switch between Branded and Simple style, although this might remove some parts of the message that can't be used in the Simple style.


The footer of the message is below the main body and it's already populated with your company's address and a link to your Privacy Policy, as those two have been configured in the admin settings. In addition to them, there is a link that recipients can use to unsubscribe from the campaigns and links to SmartRecruiters Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

In order to ensure compliance, we don't allow these links to be removed from the footer. However, you are able to edit the address that is been displayed. To do so, simply click on the footer, in the message preview area.