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Managing campaigns

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Campaign statuses & actions

You can view all the campaigns launched in a community in the Campaigns tab:


The status of each campaign depends on its settings and the current date:

  • Scheduled campaigns have not yet begun. Their start date is in the future.
  • Draft campaigns have not been completed. They're waiting for the user to finish and send.
  • Launched campaigns are active and sending the email to prospects.
  • Ended campaigns have completed their duration, and are no longer sending to prospects. 
  • Canceled campaigns were previously launched campaigns that were stopped manually.

Click the overflow menu icon to the right of each campaign for management actions. Available actions depend on the current status of the campaign.

  • Edit: make changes to an existing campaign. Only available for Draft, Scheduled and Launched campaigns.
  • Cancel: move the campaign to Draft status. Only available for Scheduled campaigns.
  • Stop: Manually end the campaign and move it to Canceled status. Only available for Launched campaigns. 
  • Replicate: copy the content (not scheduling) of an existing campaign to a new Draft one. Available for Draft, Scheduled and Launched campaigns.