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Get started with campaigns

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Create a new campaign

To create a new campaign you need to navigate to the Campaigns tab of a community and click on the "CREATE CAMPAIGN" button. This will open the campaign wizard, where you can set up and launch your campaign.

To create and manage campaigns, you need to have a sourcer role in the community. Admin and extended users with SmartCRM license can create and manage campaigns in all communities, even if they aren’t designated as a sourcer role.

Campaign settings

Campaign title

The first step in the campaign wizard is to name your new campaign. The campaign title will be visible only to SmartCRM users. Once you give a title to your campaign, the next step is to set up the rules that define the campaign's audience.

Use a naming convention that makes it easier to manage and monitor multiple campaigns in the same community.

Campaign audience rules

The first set of rules is the audience entry rules, which controls who should be added to the campaign's audience. Click on "ADD RULES" to go to the new page. There, you can select prospects' location, segments, status, or answers to screening questions to select your audience criteria. If you would like to include everyone from the community in the campaign audience, you can leave this field empty.

The second set of rules is called audience exit rules, which helps you automatically remove prospects from a campaign's audience. This can be particularly useful for campaigns that contain multiple messages. Once an exit rule is true for a prospect who has previously entered the campaign's audience, he or she will be automatically removed from the audience and stop receiving new messages from the specific campaign. 

Campaign time frame

The next step is to select a start and end date for the campaign. Although selecting a starting date is required, selecting an ending date is optional. No matter if have you selected a sending date or not, you can always stop the campaign manually.

Campaign language

The last step before creating messages is to select a campaign language. Selecting a language is required, as it localizes the message footer and unsubscribe pages for the campaign.

Set up the first campaign message

When you create a new campaign, you will notice that the first message has already been added by default.

By clicking on the "CONTENT" button, you will open the message editor, where you can easily build your message and customize it with the use of our campaign message editor. Once you are ready, click "SAVE" to finalize your changes and return to the campaign wizard.

Next, click on the "SETTINGS" button to control when the first message should be sent and how it will appear in the prospect's inbox.

First, you need to give a title for this message, add the message subject, define who will appear as the sender, and, who from your team will receive any replies in their inbox.

Next, you need to configure how is the message triggered, as well as on which days of the week and timeframe it should send. The first message in the campaign can be triggered immediately when a prospect enters the campaign's audience or after a delay, which you can select.

You can learn more about message triggers and schedule here.

Add more messages

You can then add additional messages to the campaign in order to create a sequence. To create a second message, click on "ADD MESSAGE" at the bottom of the Messages section.

When you add a message, you will repeat the same steps outlined above to set up the message content and delivery settings. However, you now have options to define message triggers for the next message.

Each subsequent message in the campaign is triggered if the selected rule is true after a specified number of days. The available trigger rules include:

  • The number of days since the previous message was sent.
  • The number of days since the previous message was opened.
  • The number of days since the recipient replied to the previous message.
  • The number of days since the recipient clicked on a link or on a button in the previous message.
  • The number of days since the previous message was sent, but the recipient didn't open it.
  • The number of days since the previous message was sent, but the recipient didn't reply to it.
  • The number of days since the previous message was sent, but the recipient didn't click on any link or button.

Launch the campaign

Once the messages are ready, you can launch your campaign by clicking "SET LIVE" at the top-right corner of the campaign wizard. Keep in mind that if you have selected a start date that occurs in the future, the campaign will not launch immediately. Instead, it will default to "Scheduled" status until the selected date, when it will be launched automatically.

Alternatively, you can save your campaign as a draft so you can revisit and complete it later. 

Once the campaign is launched, you can continue making changes to content and delivery options but are unable to add or remove messages.