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Jobs report

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The Jobs Report lists candidates for each job, their statuses in the job’s hiring flow, and other essential job-specific information.


The report contains the following information for each job:

Field   Description Example
candidatesHired   # candidates in Hired status 1
candidatesInReview   # candidates in In Review status 0
candidatesInterview   # candidates in Interview status 0
candidatesOffer   # candidates in Offer status 0
candidatesRejected   # candidates in Rejected status 1
candidateTotal   Total # of candidates in Hired, In Review, Offer, Rejected, or Withdrawn status 2
candidatesWithdrawn   # candidates in Withdrawn status 0
jobCreateDate   Date the job was created 2015-12-28T00:00:00
jobDepartment   Name of associated department (if exists) Nursing
jobID   Internal SmartRecruiters unique ID for the job cc9df16b-93a5-482e-935c-4491a5746d03
jobOpenPositions   # of open positions on the job 1
jobRefID   REFID for job; either generated by SmartRecruiters, or custom REF22L
jobStatus   Current status of the job SOURCING
jobTitle   Job's title Solution Architect
locationCity   City chosen for the job New Orleans
locationCountry   Country chosen for the job USA
locationLatitude   Latitude for job's location, from Google Maps 33.0198430999999
locationLongitude   Latitude for job's location, from Google Maps -96.6988855999999
locationState   State chosen for the job. LA

Download an example report


To download the Jobs report:

  1. Click Analytics in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Analytics Reports in the list.
  3. Click Download CSV next to the Jobs report summary.AnalyticsReports.png