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Hiring Team report

  • SmartRecruit


The Hiring Team report lists every user that is a current or past member of a hiring team and their role on that hiring team.


The report contains the following information for each user in a SmartRecruiters company account:

Field   Description Example
employeeFirstName   User's first name James
employeeId   User's unique, internal SmartRecruiters ID 57e9391ae4b0b6fa1a858d36
employeeLastName   User's last name Hetfjeld
jobID   Unique, internal SmartRecuiters ID for the job for which the user was part the hiring team a454498e-23a4-47f8-bb5f-db3df5463a40
jobTitle   Title of the job Product Marketing Manager
role   User's role on the hiring team for that job RECRUITER

Download an example report.


To download the Jobs report:

  1. Click Analytics in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Analytics Reports in the list.
  3. Click Download CSV next to the Hiring Team report summary.AnalyticsReports.png