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Applications report

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The Applications Report contains complete details for all applications to your company. Here's a list of the various fields in the report.


The report provides the following information for each application:

Field Type Description Example
applicationCreationDate Date Date the application was created ino SmartRecruiters 2015-12-28T00:00:00
applicationID UUID Internal SmartRecruiters’ unique ID for the application 0520672f-5147-42fc-ae46-b9feec8e4642
applicationLastUpdate Date Date when the application’s status (stage and/or step) was last updated 2016-01-05T17:00:45
applicationReasonOfRejection String If application was rejected, this reason was provided More qualified candidate selected
applicationReasonOfWithdrawal String If candidate withdrew application, this reason was provided Compensation
applicationRejectedAfter Enum (string) Furthest stage reached before an application was rejected NEW, IN_REVIEW, INTERVIEW, HIRED, REJECTED, OFFER, LEAD, TRANSFERRED
applicationStage Enum (string) Current status of the application in relation to the job NEW, IN_REVIEW, INTERVIEW, HIRED, REJECTED, WITHDRAWN, OFFER, LEAD, TRANSFERRED
applicationStep Enum (string) Current step of the application (for those using custom hiring processes with defined steps within a stage) Skills Testt
applicationWithdrawalAfter Enum (string) Stage the candidate was in when he/she withdrew their interest NEW, IN_REVIEW, INTERVIEW, HIRED, REJECTED, OFFER, LEAD, TRANSFERRED
appliedVia Enum (string) How application was added to SmartRecruiters APPLIED, UPLOADED, AGENCY_PORTAL, OTHER
candidateEmail String Candidate’s email address
candidateEthnicity Enum (string) Candidate’s self-reported ethnicity as identified in application as a part of an EEO question answer BLACK, AMERICAN_INDIAN, ASIAN, HISPANIC_LATINO, WHITE, HAWAIIAN_PACIFIC, OTHER, DECLINE
candidateFirstName String Candidate’s first name Jane
candidateGender Enum (string) Candidate’s Gender as identified in application as a part of EEO question answer MALE, FEMALE, DECLINE
candidateInternal Boolean Was the candidate an Internal application? FALSE
candidateLastName String Candidate’s last name Doe
candidateLocation String Candidate’s locations as City and Country Dallas, US
candidateLocationLatitude Float Latitude of candidate’s location, from Google 39.6533979
candidateLocationLongitude Float Longitude of candidate’s location, from Google -97.5946291
candidatePhone String Phone number in candidate’s profile 352-867-5309
candidateProfileID UUID Unique, internal SmartRecruiters ID for candidate's profile e46eb57a-7af0-476b-90d6-fa8ca1c184b3
jobId UUID Unique, internal SmartRecruiters ID for job b5539186-01aa-424c-b9b1-bf59bcb08fd2
jobTitle String Title of job for this application Account Executive
positionID UUID SmartRecruiters’ Internal ID for position on this job. Blank if job has only one position f269a0a0-17e1-4fb5-a150-a8c23398e4b8
source String Name of the source, e.g., LinkedIn Indeed
sourceType Enum (String) Type of source, e.g., Organic, Paid ORGANIC

Download an example report


To download the Applications report:

  1. Click Analytics in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Analytics Reports in the list.
  3. Click Download CSV next to the Applications report summary.AnalyticsReports.png