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SmartRecruit Editions

In SmartRecruit, Standard, Extended, and Admin users can download:

  • Sourcing Analytics report, which lists the source of all candidates in your account.
  • Pipeline Analytics reports, which lists candidates and their status in the hiring process, for both Current Pipeline and Historical Candidate Pipeline Analytics.

These Admins can also create the following compliance and tracking reports with the assistance of Report Builder templates.

  • Applicant Flow report with the status of each candidate in the hiring process.
  • OFCCP report with candidate responses to OFCCP questions.
  • Diversity report with candidate responses to non-OFCCP diversity questions.
  • EEO report with candidate responses to EEO questions.

Reports consist of the previously available Group-by tables, accessible from the Dashboard pages. These tables have been moved out of their respective pages into their own standalone pages, which can be accessed in the top menu item: Analytics > Reports

SmartRecruiters currently provides 5 grouped tables:

Offers Table


Please note the ability to extract data from dashboard tables has been transitioned over as Report Builder system templates. Starting on Thursday, May 22, 2020, the dataset within these reports will only be accessible through Report Builder. 

Admin users for SmartRecruit can also download six additional Analytics Reports:

  • an Applications Report with a complete list of applications and their details. This report differs from the Applicant flow report because it has no formatting and contains more SmartRecruiters-specific information like Job ID and candidate profile ID.
  • a Jobs Report with candidates for each job, their statuses in the job’s hiring flow, and other essential job-specific information.
  • a Positions Report with details of each job’s position(s).
  • a Job Fields Report with a list of all active Job and Org Fields for jobs, with values that are currently assigned to jobs.
  • a Hiring Team Report with a list of your hiring team members and their roles.
  • an Interviews Report with full details of all interviews, including schedules, participants, and feedback.


Where is NHS data stored? Is the NHS data deleted when the candidate is deleted? Do we have benchmark and trends from SR customers we can publish for customers to view?
It depends on where customers choose to store their data. Our deletion mechanism supports anonymizing all the PII data related to the candidate’s survey response when the data retention period kicks in (the survey results would not be deleted). We don’t aggregate any benchmark data on the product side.

I have created a report using an aggregate metric, and I can only see 100 rows. Where can I find the rest of my data?
For technical reasons it is currently only possible to return the first 100 rows of a report that uses aggregate metrics.