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Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


SmartStart Edition

On the SmartStart Edition:

  • Admins can download the Applicant Flow report with the status of each candidate in the hiring process.
  • Standard, Extended, and Admin users can download the Sourcing Analytics report, which lists the source of all candidates in your account.

SmartRecruit Editions

In SmartRecruit, Standard, Extended, and Admin users can download:

These Admins can also download the following compliance and tracking reports:

Admin users for SmartRecruit can also download six additional Analytics Reports:

  • an Applications Report with a complete list of applications and their details. This report differs from the Applicant flow report because it has no formatting and contains more SmartRecruiters-specific information like Job ID and candidate profile ID.
  • a Jobs Report with candidates for each job, their statuses in the job’s hiring flow, and other essential job-specific information.
  • a Positions Report with details of each job’s position(s).
  • a Job Fields Report with a list of all active Job and Org Fields for jobs, with values that are currently assigned to jobs.
  • a Hiring Team Report with a list of your hiring team members and their roles.
  • an Interviews Report with full details of all interviews, including schedules, participants, and feedback.