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Reporting API

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The Reporting API allows companies to retrieve reports metadata, as well as the report data contained within custom reports built in Report Builder. Customers can programmatically download data extracts or build BI (Business Intelligence) integrations for reporting and analysis.

This API replaces the existing Analytics API and data services.

The Analytics API endpoints will be deprecated on Feb 28th, 2019.

Reporting API Endpoints 

Endpoint Description
GET /reports Returns a list of reports for a customer with such information as: report ID, report name and scheduling
GET /reports/{reportId} Returns information for a single report, including: report ID, report name and report definition. Does not include the list of report files generated from this report.
GET /reports/{reportId}/files

Returns all report files generated from the given report. Results can be filtered by file status status: RUNNING, PENDING, COMPLETED. Report files are ordered by their scheduling date.

Users can specify an optional parameter that will limit number of report files returned (by default return last 10).

GET /reports/{reportId}/files/{reportFileId}

Returns the following information for a Report file:

  • Status
  • User
  • Employee ID who requested report generation
  • Start generation Timestamp
  • Request generation Timestamp
  • Completed generation Timestamp
  • Status of Report file generation
GET /reports/{reportId}/files/{reportFileId}/data Returns actual data in the Report file in CSV format.
GET /reports/{reportId}/files/recent/data Returns the data for the most recently generated report file with status COMPLETED.