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Report Builder System Templates

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Choose from a number of different system templates to start creating a report.

Please note, starting Analytics Reports have transitioned over to Report Builder system templates. Starting on Thursday, May 22, 2020, datasets from Analytics Reports will only be accessible through Report Builder. 

Report Builder has a set of system templates to help users to start creating a custom reports. These system templates provide data on some of the most commonly asked reporting questions as well as compliance reporting needs. Users will be able to select a system template as they start creating a report.

After you input a “Report Name” in step 1, you can select from a dropdown of available templates to start creating your report. The system template will preselect the reporting area. the report columns (data fields) and any applicable data filter selections. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 11.18.48 AM.png

Once you have selected a template from the dropdown, reporting area (step 2) and columns (step 3) will be auto-populated based on the pre-defined system template.  From there, you can further customize your report under Step 3 to 5 as needed.


Click on the “reset” button at the top right corner of the “template” dropdown to revert to the starting template definition.  This will bring you back to the selected system template prior to any edits.

If you want to apply a different template, you can simply click on the “template” dropdown and choose a different template.  Selecting “None” will clear all selections under steps 2 through 5.

Please not that templates cannot be applied when editing an existing report that you have already saved and run. This is to prevent users from accidentally clearing custom fields and making dramatic changes in the ordering of the report column that may result in confusion.

System templates available in Report Builder include: 

Template Name



Blank template for you to start from scratch

Diversity Report

Use our Screening Question Answer Report to list out all Diversity Screening Question answers in an itemized form for Hired candidates.

Compliance Report (OFCCP / EEO)

Use our Application Report to see each Diversity Screening Question answers in columns for Hired candidates.

Application Flow Report*

Use our Applications Report to track Diversity Screening Questions answers and Disposition Reason for all applications.

Hiring Status Report

Use our Jobs Report to track the latest status of your open jobs.

Hiring Velocity

Use our Hired Position Report to review whether your jobs were filled on time.

Hiring Team Report Use this report to understand all users assigned to hiring teams across your jobs. Previously, this dataset was available as the Hiring Team Report in Analytics Reports.
Interviews and Interviewer Details Report Understand details about users participating in interviews. Previously, this dataset was available as the Interviews Report in Analytics Reports
Job and Org Fields Report See all job and org fields attached to all jobs. Previously, this dataset was available as the Job Fields Report in Analytics Reports
Jobs Pipeline Report Use this report to get a view of all your jobs and the total number applications in your jobs' pipelines. Previously, this dataset was available as the Jobs Report in Analytics Reports.
Positions Report Use this report to see details about all positions on your jobs. Previously, this dataset was available as Positions Report in Analytics Reports
Applications Report Use this report to see details about all applications. Previously, this dataset was available as Applications Report in Analytics Reports

Note: "Application Flow report" under "Settings/Admin" will no longer be available starting February 28, 2020.  For SmartStart users, if you would like to continue having access to this report with Report Builder, please reach out to us.