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Report Builder

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Create custom reports from scratch or from a system template, schedule them for periodic execution, and share them with a specific group of users.

Important note:

With our November 2021 experience update, some of the URLs have been modified. If you are relying on static URLs for any custom implementation around our report builder pages, please note the following changes:













How often is the report builder data refreshed?
The data is updated every ten minutes.

Is there a specific reason why the file name in the Report Builder is forced to the upper case after space?
There’s no specific reason, that is how the file name is generated for the label on the breadcrumb.

Is it correct that a job is shown in the position report only after a candidate applied?
A position report will list positions, not jobs. There's a delay (Around 10-15 minutes) for data changes to be reflected in Report Builder, so the test could have been impacted by timing.

Can I get data for today via the Report Builder?
Yes, if you select "Custom" in the Date interval picker, you can select data from and up to today's date. If you include today's date in the custom date interval, the report will include data all the way up to the most recent data synchronization, which occurs every 10-15 minutes.

In the Report Builder, is there a chance to export “notes” or “comments”?
Not at the moment.