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Hiring Plan Table


Group-by Table

The group-by table in the Hiring Plan report lists all positions that were included in the selected time period. By default, the table groups position data by jobs. Other group by options included, but not limited to, hiring team members, departments, job locations and brands.

On the first level, the table offers metrics similar to the Hiring Plan metrics on the top of the dashboard. These metrics help users understand the hiring progress of different jobs or of different hiring team members at a glance.

Users can also dive deeper into the second level of the table to identify positions that require extra attention and care.

Hiring Plan@2x_lv2_table.png

Drill Down Detail

Drill down details of each application can be accessed by clicking onto individual row data of the second level of the data table. The drill down detail provide more information of the each applications.

Group 99.png