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Current Candidate Pipeline Analytics

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The Current Pipeline report provides a quick health check of the current state of hiring success in your organization. Check it weekly to stay on top of your hiring success, and communicate its status to your team. We recommend this report to talent acquisition leaders, hiring manager executives and cross-functional lead recruiters.

This report can answer a number of questions, including:

  • Are your getting new candidates for all or some jobs?
  • Does candidate volume exceed your hiring process resources?
  • How many good candidates (in Interview state) do your currently have?
  • How many onsite interviews are scheduled for the near future?
  • How many offers are outstanding?
  • Which candidates can you hope to close soon?

The Pipeline reports count active candidates assigned to jobs.  Leads on jobs or the General Application are not included, so make sure to convert all leads and assign candidates to jobs.

Pipeline graph

The segments in the pipeline graph bar are proportional to the number of candidates in each stage of your hiring process. Hover over one to see the number of candidates at each step in that stage.


The number of applications currentlu in New status.

In Review

The number of applications currently in In Review status.


The number of applications currently in Interview status.


The number of applications currently in Offer status.


Click Filters to filter  by your active Org fields and examine a subset candidates in your pipeline.

For example, to view the pipeline for the Sales department:

  1. Click the Department filter.
  2. Choose Sales.

The Pipeline graph will change to include only jobs assigned the Sales department:

You can also group filtered results to see the pipeline from another angle. Just choose an option from the Group by column:

Group-by table

The Group-by Table lets you see teams, recruiters and hiring managers with greatest and least candidate volume. Use it to identify and resolve your hiring success bottlenecks. As with the Filters, the list of groups corresponds to your company's active Org fields.


  • Click on the leftmost column header to sort by a different group.
  • Click one of the other column headers to sort the current group list.