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What is SmartJobs?

SmartJobs is a managed service that helps recruiters utilize a new method of job advertising. We offer intelligent & centralized job advertising using programmatic technology in order to reach the right audiences at the right time. Unlike traditional advertising with set budgets and single postings, SmartJobs enables you to advertise your jobs in bulk, to a variety of vendors from one standpoint, depending on your current hiring goals and needs.

Your recruiters will simply need to set a budget, define the top-priority jobs using flexible rules and the rest will be pulled directly from your SmartRecruiters Career Page and onto your Sourcing Analytics, always in cooperation with your SmartJobs team.

How can SmartJobs enhance your job advertising activities?

  • Only pay for performance: The buying method is CPA (Cost-Per-Application)
  • Intelligent budgeting
  • Increased reach to an extensive network of job boards, aggregators and niche websites
  • Versatile audiences 
  • Fully automated
  • Seamless Integration with SmartRecruiters' API 
  • View the results and performance directly in your Sourcing Analytics


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Automated Job Distribution Rules for SmartJobs 

Admin users can now automate the job distribution process for SmartJobs by defining posting rules based on job/org fields of the organization and/or performance-based automated job distribution rules.

Automated Job Distribution interface can be reached under Settings / Admin > Company Settings > Job Advertising > Automated Job Distribution. On this interface, the users can find the rule-setting menu for SmartJobs and review their active job distribution rules.

You can learn how to set-up, view and manage Automated Job Distribution and Performance-based Auto Job Distribution rules in the following step-by-step guide:

Automated Job Distribution Rules HelpCenter

How do I find out more about SmartJobs?

If you are an admin SmartRecruiters user and interested to learn more about SmartJobs, please fill out the following form and a member of the dedicated team will get in touch with you shortly.