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Unpublish a job

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


If you can create and publish a job, you can also unpublish the job.

There are two ways to unpublish a job:

  • from the Jobs list:JobsList_Dropdown.png
  • on the job's profile:ChangeStatus_JobProfile.png

In general, when you unpublish a job in SmartRecruiters, the job isn't immediately taken down from an aggregator or job board. Jobs posted to paid boards will stay up for the lifetime of the purchased post, and aggregators will take down job ads once the job is removed from the SmartRecruiters feed. Check with the boards if you need to have a post removed.

The exception to this rule is jobs posted to LinkedIn. When you unpublish a job that was posted to LinkedIn, the post is also taken down on LinkedIn.