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Manage positions on a job

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If you're posting a job, or have an existing job, that you're aiming to hire more than one person for, add multiple positions to the job. 

New Job

During the job creation process, you can add multiple positions on the Hiring Team step.

The Headcount section of the Hiring Team page defines the number of open positions on the job, the open/start dates for each position, and some metadata about the position itself.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.22.11 AM.png

  • Position open date is the day the job should be active: either published to a job board, or with at least one candidate assigned to it. If your administrator has set up approvals, SmartRecruiters will automatically update the position open date to the day that position is actually approved (for jobs that are already live) or when the job is published after the initial approval (for new jobs).
  • Target start date is the target date that you'd like the hired candidate to start work.

These dates are used by SmartRecruiters to determine the job's Time to Hire and Time to Start metrics, which help to measure how long it takes you to fill each position.

The last two options help track the position within your organization:

  • The position type can be either New (entirely new hire) or Replacement (hiring to replace someone who vacated that position). 
  • If you use a different tracking system for identifying jobs, you can add a custom position ID. Otherwise, SmartRecruiters will assign an ID using our conventions, e.g.:  REF29Y.

If you're hiring more than one person for this position, click ADD dropdown. You now can choose from “Add Position” or “Add Multiple Positions.” Choose “Add Multiple Positions.” 

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 16.13.18.png

Fill in three fields: number of positions, position open date, and target start date. The position open date and target start date you choose will be applied to all positions you create.

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 16.13.44.png

Once you have completed the remaining fields and the job is published, you will see the number of positions you opened in the Job Details Tab on the Job.

You can adjust the dates of those positions individually after they are created or at anytime in the future. This workflow applies whether you are in the process of creating a job or adding more positions in the job details tab. 

For those customers using job approvals, the total number of positions created by the bulk action will also be included in the approval email: 



Existing Job

To add position(s) to an existing job:

  1. Click Jobs in the top navigation bar.
  2. In the Jobs list, click on the job.
  3. On the job page, click the Job Details tab.JobProfile_Jobdetails.png
  4. In the Headcount section, click ADD.

Hiring for position

When you hire someone on a job, SmartRecruiters will reduce the job's count of open positions by filling the position with a Target Start Date closest to the candidate's hire date. 

Once all positions have been filled, SmartRecruiters will move the job to Filled status.