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Jobs list

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


The Jobs list collects all the jobs that you have permission to view, and includes a high-level summary of the status of each job and candidates on that job.


Filtering and searching jobs

The Jobs list provides multiple ways to find a specific job or group of jobs.


Enter a search term or phrase into the search field to filter the list by job title.


Learn some tips for making the most of search in SmartRecruiters.


Click Filters to filter the list of jobs by Org fields, job status, hiring manager, or recruiter on the job.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.12.50 PM.png

The options for the first two filters correspond to your company's active Org fields and their values. 

Show jobs

Another way to filter jobs by overall status is the Show Jobs menu. 


  • Choose All to see every job you can access.
  • Choose Active to see all jobs in Sourcing, Interview or Offer status, even if you're not on the job's hiring team.
  • Choose My Active to see all Active jobs for which you're a member of the hiring team, or for which you are/were an approver. Note: if Remover Approver access is toggled ON, then user will not see approvals which have been completed. See HERE for more details.
  • Choose Published to see all jobs with at least one published ad.
  • Choose Filled to see all jobs with fully-hired headcount.
  • Choose Canceled to see only jobs that were canceled.


Sort jobs 

The Sort menu helps you filter jobs by relevance:


  • Choose A-Z to filter the jobs alphabetically.
  • Choose Recent Activity to sort the list for jobs by the date that someone on the hiring team took an action against a candidate on that job, such as messaging them or moving them through the hiring process.
  • Choose Creation Date to filter by the date the job was created, from most recent to oldest.


Job details

For each job in the Jobs list, SmartRecruiters will display:


  • Title: click to open the job's details.
  • Location
  • Date created
  • unique REFID, e.g., REF270Y
  • Job status
  • Posting status and visibility, e.g., Public, Not Published. Click to view the job's ad(s).
  • Candidate pipeline

To view the job's full details, click anywhere inside the job's container (other than the Actions list and Candidate pipeline).

If the job has at least one published ad, click Advertise to purchase paid postings on job boards in the Marketplace. 


Open the Actions menu to take other actions on the job:


Candidate Pipeline

Hover the mouse over the stages in the pipeline to see the number of candidates at each step that stage. Steps will correspond to the hiring process for that job.


Click on a step to see the list of candidates at that step on the Job's page.