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Job statuses

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Job statuses help you identify whether a job is published and its current state within your hiring process.


SmartRecruiters distinguishes between a job status and posting status. Though they're separate and independent, understanding both is important for managing your jobs. 

Posting status

Posting status indicates whether a job ad is published or not, and if published, its visibility. Posting status is assigned to a job's ads, not the job itself.


All SmartRecruiters accounts have at least two posting statuses:

Not published
The job ad is not published. No one can apply to the job through this ad. 
The job ad is published. Candidates can apply through this job ad.


SmartRecruit accounts have additional statuses, which indicate the visibility of the job's ads. To change the job's visibility, you'll need to change the visibility of its ads.

The job has a single ad with an Internal visibility. Candidates can apply through this job ad.
The job has a single ad that is published publicly. Candidates can apply through this job ad.
The job has a single ad that is published privately. Candidates can apply through this job ad. 
(#) job ads published
The job has at least two published job ads, with the same or mixed visibility. 


Job status

Job status indicates the job's state within your hiring process. 

There are eight statuses. Depending on the job's current status, it is considered either active or inactive:

The job was created, but has never been published. It may or may not need approvals.
Pending Approval
The job requires approval, and requests have been sent to approvers. The job stays in Pending Approval until approved.
Approvers have approved the job, and it can now be published. The job stays in Approved until the job is published or has at least 1 active candidate.
The job is active and has (or had) at least one published job ad or at least one active candidate. 
The job is active and has (or had) at least one candidate in the Interview stage of the hiring process.
The job is active has (or had) at least one candidate in the Offer stage of the hiring process.
The number of candidates in Hire status on the job is equal to the number of positions on the job.  
The job was cancelled, and can now be deleted.
On Hold
The job was put on hold, and can be either reactivated or cancelled.

"Pending Approval" and "Approved" are not visible Job statuses, they are sub-statuses contained within "Created" and will not be displayed on jobs as a status option. They are considered statuses for reporting purposes.