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Job Ad Footers


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There are different statements or disclaimers required by regulators which need to be visible to candidates at the bottom of job ads. This is currently done on a job-by-job basis when it is created.  This feature will allow administrators to set up footers which are automatically applied to the bottom of the job ad (within the “additional information” section) before being sent to job boards.

Under Settings/Admin > Career Page Setup, there’s a new page called Job Ad Footer which allows administrators to see basic information such as:

  • all footers which have been created,

  • when it was last modified (and by whom),

  • the org fields that each footer applies to,

  • the order in which they will be presented if applied*, and

  • whether the footer is active or not.

*The order in which the footers are listed on this page will be the same order in which they appear at the bottom of the job ad.  Using the below screenshot as an example, if a recruiter creates a job for Acme Inc in the United States, then all three footers will appear in the bottom of the job ad in the following order - “Equal Opportunity Statement”, “Federal Contractor Statement” and “Agencies”.  If it is a job for a different brand in the United States, then the footer added will be - “Equal Opportunity Statement” and “Agencies” (in the same order).

In addition to the above, administrators will also be able to create new footers and edit existing footers from this page.

When creating a new footer, you will need to:

  1. Enter a name for the footer.

  2. Add the footer language for English by clicking on the icon in the EDIT column.

  3. (optional) Additional languages can be added by selecting the “add language” button.  And after all languages are added, administrators will also be able to change the default language which is used.

  4. (optional) If the footer only applies to a selected list of jobs, administrators will be able to apply filters using the org field dropdowns at the bottom, similar to other setting pages.

  5. Click on Save at the bottom right corner of the page to save all changes.

The language for the footer will be based on the job ad language selected by the recruiter (i.e. if the job ad language is Dutch, the Dutch version of the footer will be applied to the job ad accordingly).  If the job ad language selected is not available in the footer list, the default language of the footer will be used.

When making edits to the footers, the same steps will be applied.

Note: All updates on job ad footer will only apply to subsequent job ads published. Job ads that are already published will not automatically pick up these changes.  If the changes need to be applied to existing jobs, Administrators will need to notify the respective recruiters to repost the job ad this may incur additional charges from job boards.

When saving job ads, the footers will automatically append to the bottom of the job ad within the “Additional Information” section (after any inputs the recruiter has composed manually in the job ad wizard).  Hence, when creating new jobs with the Jobs API, be mindful not to include any duplicate footers into the POST or PUT if this is already configured with the new feature. The footers applied to the job will also be visible by using the GET function.

The final job ad after compiling the job specific content and the footers will look like the below:Untitled Diagram-Page-4.jpg