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Delete a job

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Admins and Extended users can delete jobs from SmartRecruiters. Standard users can only cancel jobs.

Data retention

Deleting a job simply removes it from your company's list of jobs. SmartRecruiters retains all analytics data for deleted jobs, so your Sourcing data remains unchanged, and the job's details are preserved in any Analytics reports. 


When you delete a job that candidates have applied to, SmartRecruiters simply keeps those candidates' applications, and retains all information in the applications, including their sources. You can still search and filter them as normal, and report on their application source in Sourcing Analytics. 

Delete the job

To delete a job:

  1. Find the job in the Jobs list.
  2. Open the More menu, and choose Cancel job.
  3. If the job is currently published, SmartRecruiters will list every place that the job is currently published. Click Cancel job to confirm that it should be unpublished from all locations.
  4. Open the More list again, and click Delete.
  5. Click Delete to confirm.
  6. SmartRecuiters will take you back to the Jobs list.