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Adding Multiple Job Locations

  • SmartRecruit


To better enable our admin and recruiters in expanding your sourcing capabilities geographically, customers will now be able to create additional job ads under different locations under the same job without the hassle of creating multiple requisitions. New job ad locations must be in the same country as the default.


New job ads can be created under Job Ad tab on the job pages. You can create a new job ad either by clicking Create additional job ad button, or duplicating the default job ad and editing the content.

In the new job ad creation form, you can simply select a new city or street address.

  1. If you are using the Google Places functionality for location search, your search results will be limited to locations within the same country as the default.

    Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 17.06.58.png

  2. If you manually enter the job ad location, you will be able to add a new street address, state/province and postal code.

    Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 17.12.03.png

Candidates applying through the additionally created job ads with new locations will all be grouped under the People tab on the original job page.


  1. Job created in the application (Location: San Francisco, CA)
  2. 3 additional job ads created with new locations (Detroit, MI / Austin, TX / Boston, MA)
  3. 4 job ads in total are displayed in the career website (San Francisco, Detroit, Austin, Boston)
  4. Candidates applying through these four job ads are all grouped under the default job in San Francisco

You can see which job location the candidate has applied for inside the recruitment progress sidebar on the candidate application page


What about Leads?

  • Manually added leads will automatically be assigned to the default job location as usual. This can be done either via Add Candidate buttons on job pages and the top navigation bar, or Add to job button under Communities. 
  • Leads coming through My referrals will be assigned to the relevant job ad, hence the desired location. 
  • All other leads coming through app integrations will be assigned to the default job location as usual.

Is there a limit to how many job ads can be added per job?

Yes, there is a maximum of 100 job ads that can be added per job. 

Can I change the hiring team/hiring process for the additionally created job ad?

  • Hiring teams and processes are defined on job level and cannot be changed for additionally created job ads.

How are the multi-location jobs shown in job widgets?

  • Each newly created job ad will be displayed as separate positions in career websites and job widgets. For example, if you create a Retail Associate job in San Francisco, and create three additional job ads in New York, Houston and Chicago, it will look as follows in your job widget:

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 11.04.46.png

How my job ads will be displayed in job aggregators and other external channels?

  • There will be a separate job posting for each additionally created job ad in the aggregators and job boards. If your default job ad location is 'Paris' and the additionally created job ad location is 'Marseille,' there will be two job postings in the published channels (one for Paris and one for Marseille). Applicants coming through these two job ads will be grouped under the same pipeline (default job).

NOTE: Multi-Location Jobs ONLY applies to the desktop browser version of SmartRecruit. It does NOT apply to the Field Recruiting App. The Field Recruiting App only supports default location.